Tree Stump Removal

Removal of stumps in the highway is a problem, whether reinstating or replanting the results are often not what the client was hoping for.

Our approach has been to employ new technology to help us combine safer working practices, with the best results. Our Avant machine operates with an auger-driven grinding face, the slow, safe, powerful cutting head creates less debris than traditional grinders and it’s telescopic arm facilitates grinding at depth.

We also use mini-diggers with custom made, high powered grinding heads, to reach depths in hard surfaces where access for traditional grinders would not be possible.

For large and extra large stumps and reinstatements we use our new fully remove control grinder, the operator has good visibility and avoids the issue of Havs that can occur with more traditional grinders. Using this we have ground out over 150 stumps on the highways for the London borough of Hillingdon and reinstated 750m+ of root damaged tarmac.