Resin Bound & Bonded Paving

Street Tree Care Ltd are approved contractors for Addagrip suppliers of Addaset and Addastone.

Addaset resin bound surfacing is a cold applied clear polyurethane resin screed designed to bind natural aggregates or recycled materials. The finished product is flexible, durable, attractive and porous/semi-porous and provides a cleanable smooth surface which can be used both internally and externally.

Like Addastone this product has a variety of uses including, paths, cycle paths, tree pits, driveways, heritage sites and because of it’s permeable nature may provide an environmentally desirable solution for the client. The product can be supplied in a range of colours and materials allowing for imaginative designs to be incorporated into any scheme.

Plane tree, up lit with aluminium edging detail and silver grey resin bound gravel.
Plane tree buttress with brittany bronze resin bound gravel.
Birch tree with uprights in resin bound gravel.
Resin Bound Gravel surfacing and mixed planting at Canning Town Roundabout.
Resin Bound Gravel at Canning Town Roundabout.
Natural Beach installed in childrens play area - Croydon.

Addastone is a two-part epoxy resin surface dressing designed to bind natural and recycled aggregates to a variety of surfaces including asphalt, concrete, timber and steel. The finished surface is attractive, safe, durable and low maintenance, requiring occasional sweeping or pressure washing.

The product has a range of uses for paths, driveways, car parks and road surfaces and there are a wide variety of aggregates and surface materials to choose from. It is designed for normal pedestrian and vehicular use with a lifespan of up to 15 years depending on site, usage and choice of aggregate. The finished surface is fixed does not migrate or wash away although it gives the appearance of being loose.

Resin Bonded Surfacing in Poplar, East London.