Landscape Projects

Harrow Road - Ha Penny Steps

In a partnership project between Westminster City Council and McArdles Group, this barren open space was transformed into a beautiful public open space by the side of the canal. As part of the project we replanted a 3 tonne Aesculus Indica which we had removed from the Candy Bros. development site at No 1 knightsbridge nearly 3 yrs earlier, the tree had been kept in storage at Hilliers Nursery until this project presented the Local Authority with an opportunity to replant this very large specimen tree. The landscaping also included a grass area installed with a seated area surfaced with resin bound gravel and ornamental grass and herbaceous flower bed.

Surrey Water – Docklands

Tree roots from mature London Plane trees were causing a problem by lifting block paving. Temporary tarmac had been installed to patch the worst areas but the problem wasn't going to go away. The proposal was to excavate a trench 230m in length and 60mm deep enclosing the trees within a root protection zone, a 3.5m wide median strip running the entire length of the site. Root barrier was then retrofitted with a concrete haunch. The blocks outside the root zone were reinstated and topsoil and hoggin was laid within the root zone area. Two years on and the trees are doing fine with no senescence (die back) or fatalities.

Bonding Yard Walk – Docklands

A familiar problem in the Docklands area, 30 London Plane trees causing major disturbance to a block paved surface. In this case the trees were too mature and too close proximity to residential houses to retrofit root barrier. Firstly the tree crowns were reduced by crown thinning and lifting to reduce sail area and subsequent load on the trees and roots. The blocks were then removed and after carefully pruning surface roots, 80 tonnes of self binding Breedon Gravel was installed and rolled over an area of 550m². Breedon Golden Amber gravel is 100% environmentally friendly, a natural limestone material graded 12mm to fines with a high content of naturally occurring marl which gives our product it’s unique self binding properties. This is a much more aesthetically pleasing material than tarmac which was used to patch the areas prior to our remedial works.

Bolsover Street

48 Birches planted on Bolsover Street in Marylebone W1.

Content St

As part of a street refurbishment scheme we created 6 tree pits 1.4m² in the old carriageway, the site was then planted with Prunus laur. Magnolifolia and finished with tree grilles and concrete slab paving around the pit edge.

Landscaping of Wyndham St

A unique opportunity in the public highway to densely plant a wide stretch of pavement with Birch trees. The excavation and planting of the 45m² site was completed in 7 days, approximately 40 Tonne of materials were removed and reinstated with TS6 tree soil, 23 trees and an enclosed by a fence until the trees establish.

Prince of Wales

The improvements to the junction of Elgin Ave and Harrow Rd required the removal of mature and semi-mature trees prior to replanting the site with 10 semi-mature Robinia pseudo acacia. The trees which are secured with an underground anchoring system provide an attractive backdrop for the new Maida Hill market.

Clifton Rd

This project involved the creation of 5 tree pits 1.8m² in the carriageway, planted with Robinia pseudo Monophylla. The pit surface was finished with protective steel rings and a porous resin bound granite. The success of the scheme has resulted in plans to expand the scheme this Autumn.

Westminster - Creating avenues in Marylebone

As part of the Local Authorities tree planting programmes Street Tree Care have undertaken a number of specific projects in this area of Westminster.

In the spring of 2009 we carried out a survey of Hallam St W1 and subsequently created 40 oversized tree pits. We then supplied, planted and provided maintenance of the tree stock. The project was completed within a 2 week deadline.

Similar schemes in this area have included 47 trees planted on Harley Street in 2008 and 33 on Gloucester Place in 2006.

Hammersmith & Fulham and Westminster

As part of the Local Authorities tree planting programmes Street Tree Care have undertaken a number of specific projects in this area of Westminster. Over 100 trees were felled and ground in the highways of Hammersmith & Fulham and the City of Westminster to be made possible for a new planting. This was carried out using Bandit chippers and auger driven grinding.

Roof Garden - St John’s Wood

This roof garden required all the original material removing and a more robust drainage system installed. This comprised of 5 tonne of 10-20mm limestone aggregate layer and covered with terram permeable geotextile membrane. Marshalls natural stone setts and paving were used to create a patio and path area with a large planter constructed for a small Magnolia tree. Furthermore, a row of heavy standard Swedish Birch trees were installed to screen off the buildings across the street. Shrubs and climbers were planted and trellis attached to walls and fencing. A small turfed area was installed which is irrigated by a leaky pipe system and electronic timer.

West Hampstead SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system)

This tarmac drive was in poor condition and was removed and relaid using Marshalls Priora Setts. This system is in line with new government regulations which are SUDS compliant (sustainable urban drainage system). A small retaining wall was then built using old yellow stock bricks.

Commercial Landscape Works - Unite student accommodation

2000 shrubs planted, bird and bat boxes installed in existing trees, bark mulch finish.

Resin Bonding

Examples of resin bound surfacing applications including SUDS compliant driveways and paths installed at various sites across London.

Photinia trees planted in tree pits in patio area