Stump Grinding

STC employ new technology and safe working practices to attain best results together with high standards in Health and Safety. Our innovative grinding machine operates on a four wheel drive system with an auger-driven grinding face mounted on a telescopic arm. The slow, safe, powerful cutting head creates less debris than traditional grinders and increases visibility. This exclusive technology means we can achieve greater grinding depths and better access to awkward sites and paved areas.

We also use mini diggers to reach sufficient depth which conventional grinders find hard to reach. Geko engineering have designed a high powered grinding head which fits onto most mini diggers. This is the first time this technology has been used on the highways and has proved to be very successful. In 2012 we ground out 30 stumps on the highways for the London borough of Southwark.

Stump grinding using auger methods.
Stump grinding with mini digger.
Stump grinding using mini digger eliminates vibration for the operative whilst still allowing access to restricted areas.

Pit Creation

In the urban environment, particularly in hard surfaces such as the Highway or Carriageway, the possibility of successfully creating a new planting site can be problematic. Street Tree Care have many years experience surveying and engineering tree-pits. As Arborists our NRSWA qualified staff are best placed to meet the requirements of the tree whilst satisfying engineering requirements and highway regs.

STC offer:

Tree pit creation through road base.