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Street tree Care Ltd are official licensees of Thermal image technology [pdf].

As our industry seeks to improve survey procedures and outcomes we have at hand a powerful new tool, to be used as a part of the diagnostic process.

In the increasingly legislative atmosphere that surrounds tree surveying, having objective information about tree health helps practitioners and their clients arrive at defensible decisions.

Thermal imaging gives an indication of tree health by highlighting areas of vascular movement of moisture in the wood. This technique can also identify activity associated with fruiting bodies and the extent of that activity.

A visual tree inspection cannot identify if a given part of a tree is still functional and reinforcing itself at that point, this technology can. Furthermore, in comparison with resistographs and increment borers, thermal imagery is 100% passive and does not disturb or enter into the tree at any time.

The process is expedient and gives thermal photographs of every aspect of the tree from basal roots to trunks in a matter of minutes. However, data that this technology gives to assess tree health should remain part, not all, of the diagnostic process.